Securıty of IoT In The Informatıon Age

Asuman AKANSU Damla ASLAN İzzet Gökhan ÖZBİLGİN


At the point where the information age has reached today, it is mentioned that the
systems which are in the forefront of communication between machines without any
human element will increase gradually. The widespread use of these solutions, also
referred to as smart systems, will require many devices to exchange data with each
other in an environment that requires continuous communication over the Internet.
This will lead to a new dimension to the confidentiality, integrity and continuity
of information in addition to the weaknesses encountered so far. While the security
of the information obtained through human-device relations is at the forefront, the
communication and information security during the joint work between the devices will be important with the use of new generation information systems. In this
paper, the security of the Internet of Things (IoT) is considered from the aspects
of confidentiality, integrity and availability based on HAVELSAN’s cyber security
products. The recommendations are given to protect IoT systems in cyber space.
A literature review has been conducted and the weaknesses, information security
dimension, solution suggestions and advantages with HAVELSAN products are presented by a table.

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