Performance Analysıs Of The IEEE 802.11P For Dıfferent Packet Length In VANETs



The IEEE 802.11p standard uses Enhanced
Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) mechanism for the
contention-based prioritized Quality of Service (QoS) at the
Media Access Control (MAC) layer. The IEEE 802.11p is MAC
and physical (PHY) layer standard for Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks
(VANETs), which uses the Enhanced Distributed Channel Access
Function (EDCAF) to support contention-based prioritized QoS
in the MAC layer. VANET aims to provide users with a better,
safer and more coordinated approach to their destination. This
paper provides an analytical model to compute the performance
of the IEEE 802.11p EDCAF for Vehicular Network based on
packet size.

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