Optımal Sıte Selectıon for a Solar Power Plant ın Turkey Usıng a Hybrıd AHP-TOPSIS Method



Energy is an increasing need arising from the existence of mankind. Electricity is one of the most important secondary energy sources. Obtaining of electricity from fossil sources leads to negative consequences such as climate change and environmental pollution. In addition, fossil resources are not endless. For this reason, the importance of renewable energy sources that are sustainable and not harmful to the environment such as fossil fuels is increases for electricity generation. In this study, electricity generation with solar power is considered. There are some factors to achieve efficiency in the projects of obtaining electric energy with solar energy. One of the most important of these factors is to choose the right place. There are multiple criteria that affect the correct location selection. Multiple criteria decision making methods are suitable for site selection studies where there are many criteria. In this study, Konya, Karaman, Burdur, Antalya, Mersin, Van which are fortunate cities in Turkey in terms of sunbathing are selected as alternatives. A hybrid AHP and TOPSIS method is used to select the best alternative according to the sub-criteria determined under the economic, technical, social and geographical main criteria. Criterion weights are found by the AHP method and alternatives are ranked with the TOPSIS method. The result of the study is that Mersin is the best alternative for solar power plant and Mersin is followed by Karaman, Burdur, Konya, Van and Antalya respectively.

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