Robot manipulators are widely used to perform pre–defined tasks repetitively. Nearly all of the mass production factories use the robot manipulators to perform specific operations over and over again. In such a system, the control design may contain some difficulties, unavailabilities and/or there would be additive disturbances due to the periodic motion. Moreover, cost reduction may be vital, hence sensor usage has to be reduced. In the first part of this thesis, to address those restrictions, a model free full state feedback repetitive learning controller which is fused with a one–layer neural network is proposed for robot manipulator which performs a periodic motion. Stability of the system is ensured via Lyapunov based techniques. Numerical simulations and experimental results are introduced to demonstrate the performance of the proposed controller. In the second part of the thesis, under the additional constraint that velocity measurements being unavailable, output feedback repetitive learning controller fused with a neural network term is investigated. The dynamic model of the robot manipulator is again considered as uncertain to avoid its usage as part of the control design, and the reference position vector is still considered to be periodic. The stability of the closed loop system is investigated via Lyapunov based techniques. Numerical simulations are added to demonstrate the proposed controller performance.

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