Generating a Blockchain Smart Contract Application Framework

Arif Furkan MENDİ Tolga EROL Emre ŞAFAK


Blockchain is a new generation technology that allows the central control mechanism or trusted authority to be removed, spreading the encrypted data across all participants in the network in a distributed database structure instead of central trust. The Smart Contract structure, which defines the rules and flow that allow the things we value to operate automatically as determined without the need for an external trigger mechanism, is the core element of this technology. Blockchain has gained popularity with its most famous application, Bitcoin. After Bitcoin became popular, it turned out that Blockchain might have new uses due to the advantage of technology such as security, brokerage, and transparency, and these areas are being investigated. Many big companies have started to invest in this technology in the face of the opportunities brought by Blockchain. HAVELSAN is a largescale software company that studies and adapts new generation technologies. Blockchain technology has become of the new generation technologies that HAVELSAN is interested in due to its impressive advantages. HAVELSAN has a wide range of activities, so the company can develop various Blockchain-based applications depending on these areas. Combining this diversity with the importance of the Smart Contract concept, which can be considered as the basis for most Blockchain applications, it is decided to create a strong Smart Contract framework before starting to build different applications with Blockchain technology. The creation of HAVELSAN Blockchain Smart Contract Framework; which infrastructures are used during the development phase, the problems encountered during development and the structure of the most suitable applications to be created with the framework to be developed will be explained in this article.
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