Blockchain & AI: Convergence of Future Power

Arif Furkan MENDİ


The simple concept of Blockchain technology is; it is a digitized, decentralized, distributed ledger technology maintaining a continuously growing list of data records. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another revolutionary technology that can learn on its own by analysing and discovering patterns in massive amounts data (Makridakis, Polemitis, Giaglis, & Louce, 2018). While Blockchain helps to store and transmit safely, AI provides huge amounts of data that helps in decision making, assessment, understanding and recognizing. While the machine learning methods that are a part of AI help to find opportunity and improve decision making, smart contracts and Blockchain can automate verification of the transactional parts of the process (Makridakis et al., 2018). Therefore, there is a natural complementarity between these technologies. The advantages of combining Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies, difficulties and current projects will be discussed

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