An Innovative Technology: Augmented Reality Based Information Systems



In our generation the information systems evolve with new technologies: augmented reality (AR), IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain etc. Anymore they perform information exchange by sensors. It is estimated that the systems will be in a state of extreme interaction and reach 50 billion devices connected in Internet in 2020. We know that everything around us will be in interaction and they will do everything without any need of human interference. For example, when our dishwasher is full, it will start to wash automatically, or when the run out of the gasoline, our car will drive to the nearest station, or even when a burglar is entered to our house, it will automatically be detected and be announced to the police office. In business life, the processes will be automatical in maximum level and this technology will increase productivity and efficiency. Next to mobile technology, it is thought that these new generation information systems (IS) will take the biggest place in our lives. AR also will be integrated to these systems to augment the information in real world. Humanity will augment its habitat in an innovative way thanks to these AR based IS. This paper surveys the current state-of-the-art AR systems related with aerospace & defense, industry, education, medical and gaming sectors. The connection of AR based IS and innovation is explained with a technological insight. In addition to international use cases HAVELSAN’s use cases are also given that are performed from the aspect of applied open innovation strategy. This strategy is addressed specific to the implemented activities of AR based IS.

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